Veterinary Services for Exotic Pets

*As of March 2020 we have sadly been unable to accommodate any new exotic patients. We hope to return to this in the near future. 

Our veterinarians provide a wide variety of services for birds, reptiles, pocket pets (rabbits, guinea pigs, hamsters, mice, ferrets), and more.

Bring your furry, scaly, or feathered friend to visit us and ask us about the care we can offer!


Exotic Pet Dentistry

Dental problems in some exotic species can be very common.

Rabbits and rodents have continuous growing or “open ended” incisors. Rabbits and some rodents, like guinea pigs and chinchillas, also have continuously growing molars. If these animals are not fed the correct food items in the correct proportions, they can develop spurs, points, or overgrown teeth.

In some cases, your pet may have a genetic predisposition to developing dental problems, which means that teeth problems may run in your pet’s family. If left untreated, these teeth problems will become painful and start preventing your pet from eating properly and drooling, which will lead to weight loss and low energy. This can also lead to abscess formations (a pocket of pus or infections) along the roots of the teeth.

Any stage of dental disease in these species can quickly become a life-threatening problem.

Here at Windrush, we are equipped to deal with these issues and can advise on a number of options best suited to your individual pet to prevent, maintain, or even cure these problems. If necessary, we can perform a “dental float” with anesthesia, in which teeth are trimmed/ground down to alleviate the pain/discomfort associated with dental disease.

Avian-Specific Services

Our staff are always available to help keep your feathered friend looking their best. We offer routine beak trims (plus scale and polishing), wing trims, and nail trims for all types of birds.


Reviews From our Satisfied Patients

  • "We are extremely pleased with the professional care that Whiskey Jack has always received.

    The follow up calls to answering questions and making pet care recommendations has always been greatly appreciated. All the staff at Windrush are very knowledgeable and great with pets. Thanks for all your loving care of our pets."
    Mike & Lynda Symons
  • "I have been going to Windrush for 6 years now with my guinea pigs and rabbit. They are experienced in exotic care, which is hard to find. The staff as a whole is very knowledgeable, helpful and kind. I enjoy the friendly atmosphere and truly appreciate all the hard work and dedication that goes into caring for my pets. I would recommend Windrush to everyone, but especially to those with small exotic pets!"
    Abby K.
  • "We've been clients of Windrush for the past 20 yrs. Being animal lovers, we desire the best care for our pets at the most affordable cost. I can attest to the outstanding quality of service. They’ve been there with us through thick & thin, providing excellent care/treatment for our furry family. They’ve 'fit us in’ when there have been emergencies & provided regular care from birth to the geriatric years. They have even cried with us as we’ve said goodbye to pets that have touched our hearts."
    Rennie Family
  • "All of our experiences at Windrush have been positive. We are always treated like family when we come in for nail trims and check-ups. When we are feeling sick, the staff at Windrush always manage to squeeze us in to see a doctor that day. We love the friendly and caring atmosphere there. The doctors and veterinary technicians know that we are nervous bunnies, and they handle us in a calm and professional way. Thank you to the entire staff at Windrush for taking such good care of us!"
    Beaudoin Bunny Crew

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